NEWS 23/11/2017 This website has been down for a few days after a disk crash led to a corrupt file system. It was possibly brought about by a buggy firmware update loaded on my modem by my ISP. Please report any oddities.

This web site features the artwork of Chez Watts. It consists of a number of chronologically organised ‘rooms’ each featuring artwork of a few years. The majority of the work consists of nudes and portraits worked directly from live models, many sketchy and preparatory works, but some ‘finished’, both paintings and drawings, but there are also a few landscapes and still life paintings, and even some abstract and imaginative works.

Chez studied formally at Stourbridge Art College, The West of England College of Art, Bristol Polytechnic and Bristol University. He also attended open life classes at the Royal West of England Academy building, and in the USA at the University of Southern Maine, Portland College of Art, The Carlo Pittore Academy of Fine Art and Bowdoin College, plus many local life drawing groups in Artist Studios, Community Centres and Church Halls. He also ran several life drawing groups in his own studios in Portland and Bristol.

To navigate these rooms, select one from the list. In each room, if the ‘crossed arrows’ cursor is active (over the picture) you can ‘swipe’ between pictures (L, R, U, D) to see the others in the gallery. While the ‘arrow’ cursor is active (off the picture area) a slide show will step through the pictures in that ‘room’. To return to the ‘room’ list, bop in ‘Chez Watts’ in the top left hand corner.

All images on this web site are copyright © Chez Watts 2015. Use without written permission is prohibited by international law.