Stokes Croft, 2012-3

In 2011 I rented a studio behind a bike shop on Stokes Croft in Bristol. I worked there mostly with professional paid models. The drawings and paintings in this gallery are mostly painstakingly measured from the model. Very often I intended to go on and do a finished painting but the drawing took too long to get right and the picture was left unfinished. Finding models who could work several days in a row proved impractical, and picking up on a drawing that had last been worked on a week or more ago, unrewarding. Most of the watercolours here are on imperial or 26” by 42” good quality 300gsm watercolour paper. Many of the drawings are on brown or white paper 30” by 40”. The three views (standing to attention, front, back & side) ‘engineering drawing’ images, measured from the model directly using callipers, are life sized on 66” by 72” paper.