2015 Small Oil Portraits NOT using the Golden Mean

Having worked on several portraits using the golden mean as a basis for the framing and composition, I decided to work up some portraits which did not use it to see if the difference was discernible. These portraits were all based on graphite sketches from my portfolio, some quite old, but in most cases I had photos of the model taken on the same occasion which helped provide colour information.

These oil portraits are all on 30cm by 40cm canvasses and are painted on tinted acrylic gesso grounds, using Iron Oxide Red, Sesqioxide of Chrome Green or Mars black mixed with Titanium White gesso with the tone ajusted as centrally between black and white as possible. They have a monochrome underpainting using Flake White (my last tube!) and Raw Umber.

2 Nov 2015 - Now has an additional 10 portraits in this room. Some of these need a little more work.